An aggressively simple static site generator

Deploying on GitHub Pages

This site is (at the time of writing) hosted on GitHub Pages, so if you’re looking to host there as well, it should mostly ‘just work’. The project’s git repository includes a .github directory with a GitHub Actions workflow defined to download Pandoc, run pdblog, and then push the output files to a gh-pages branch. So if you fork or ‘Use this template’ on the GitHub website and make your desired changes, there’s only a few other steps needed:

  1. Edit the $ASSETS_DIR/CNAME file to refer to your own domain (assuming you’re using a custom domain - if not, you can just delete the file). Github Pages needs this file in the root of the branch containing the site contents.

  2. Enable GitHub Pages in your repository settings, and set it to get site contents from the gh-pages branch. You’ll want to do this after you push your site customizations, othewise you’ll just end up temporarily hosting a copy of this site.

That should be everything. Happy blogging!