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Images and other fanciness

Here’s a post that contains images! Images and other media are easy to include in the site. Any files or folders in $ASSETS_DIR will be recursively copied to the site root ($OUT_DIR) when running pdblog.sh.

For example, the following image was stored in $ASSETS_DIR/enterprise.jpg and so was copied to /enterprise.jpg in the resulting site:

Space Shuttle Enterprise

The Pandoc-flavoured Markdown that generated it is:

![Space Shuttle Enterprise](/enterprise.jpg)

Pandoc will by default create a figure for the image and label it with the image’s alt text. You can disable this by appending a \ at the end of the line, for example using

![Arches in Utah](/subfolder/arch.jpg)\

we get

Arches in Utah

That picture was initially saved in $ASSETS_DIR/subfolder/arch.jpg, and so ended up at /subfolder/arch.jpg).

Pandoc also provides support for creating HTML tables and syntax highlighting. Here’s a Pandoc-flavoured Markdown table:

 Name   Favorite Color   Favorite Fruit
------ ---------------- ----------------
Alice    Blue              Orange
Bob      Yellow            Pear
Eve      Green             Apple

and here’s the converted HTML version:

Name Favorite Color Favorite Fruit
Alice Blue Orange
Bob Yellow Pear
Eve Green Apple

Finally, here’s an excerpt from pdblog.sh, with syntax highlighing applied:


if [ -d "$OUT_DIR" ]; then
    echo "Destination directory $OUT_DIR already exists, removing..."
    rm -r "$OUT_DIR"

# Process files to HTML

mkdir -p "$OUT_DIR"

If Pandoc can convert something to HTML, it can be used in your blog (although you may need to augment your theme’s CSS to make it look nice). Feel free to suggest CSS additions to the default theme’s style sheet!